While porches were once synonymous with seaside cottages, they are becoming an increasingly common feature in new build terraced properties across the UK.

However, as your porch will either enhance or detract from your home, it is important it is well-designed to ensure it complements a property’s aesthetics and boosts its kerb appeal. To do so, read these five tips for adding a porch to your home.

1.    Choose a High-Quality Porch Canopy

The canopy you choose cannot only provide your guests with shelter from the rain when they knock on your door, but it should also match your exterior. It is, therefore, essential to select a high-quality canopy to add a touch of sophistication and style to your address. Done right, installing a porch canopy can help transform your property’s kerb appeal.

2.    Select Matching Materials

Unless you want your home to stick out like a sore thumb, you must ensure the porch materials complement your property’s brickwork, as well as your modern or traditional design. It should appear as a natural focal point of your home, which will grab people’s attention when they pass by your address.

3.    Learn About Planning Permission

If you opt for a canopy porch, you probably will not be required to apply for planning permission unless you live at a listed property. However, if you have your heart set on either an enclosed or semi-enclosed porch design, you may need to seek planning permission before making any alterations to your home. It is imperative to contact your local planning authority prior to commencing on any building work.

If you are based in England or Wales, you shouldn’t need to apply for planning permission if your porch:

  • Does not cover more than three square metres
  • Is more than two metres from a boundary with a highway, such as a footpath

You will, however, need to apply for planning permission if your porch will cover ventilation connecting the interior and exterior of your house. It is also important to note that regulations are subject to change, which is why you must contact your local planners.

4.    Add Value onto Your Property

As stated, a porch can boost your home’s kerb appeal, which is why it can add value onto your property. So, if you want to add money onto your sales price while encouraging many house hunters to make you offer, you should consider adding a porch onto your home to help you secure a greater return on your investment.

5.    Give Your Porch the Wow Factor

You also can transform your exterior design by giving your porch the wow factor. Make your home stand out from the crowd by complementing your traditional or modern porch with:

It is bound to make your property stand out on your street, and it will provide the perfect welcome home day after day.