Have you become bored of your living room? Has it become dreary and dull? Does it need a sprucing to bring the room back to life? We have 4 tips that can revamp your living space.

Get an Area Rug

Rugs are more than just a decoration in a room, indeed, adding an area rug to your living space boasts a range of benefits that can add a new dimension to and really revamp your living space.

Comfort and Warmth

If your floors are hardwood, tile, or concrete then you will know that they can take the heat from a room and be cold on the feet. Adding a rug is not only more comfortable to stand on than a hard surface, but the softness of the carpet will help to insulate the room.

Reducing noise

The carpet on a rug helps to decrease the noise in your living space. This is particularly important in a room with hard surfaces that creates an echo. The rug will make the living room quieter to walk into and it also helps to absorb sound from the air.

Creating a cosy feeling

Think about how a room comes together – on a wall, we use frames to tether pictures and prints, while on a table we use placemats, candles, flowers or coffee-table books to give the piece of furniture purpose. In the case of a floor, a rug really ties the room together – it helps to create a connection between all of the furniture in the room and group them together. In turn, this gives the room more presence and helps to create a cosy and intimate space in which to do a bit of work, watch some TV or simply curl up with a nice book and a cup of tea.

Switch up your colour

Adding a new splash of colour to your room is one of the easiest (and cost-effective) ways to update a living space. Typically, a quick way to do this is to add an accent or feature wall to a room, however there are other things you can do with paint and colours too.

The accent wall

An accent wall is always a popular choice due to its flexibility. An accent wall gives you a huge amount of options as it is a purely personal decision – the colour of the paint, the surface and materials, and even the location makes it unique to you. Your home is your unique living space so your accent wall should reflect your personality.

Paint a focal point

An alternative to the accent wall, you can add some interesting personality to a living space by painting a door, dresser or nightstand a unique colour or combination of colours. This has the added benefit of recycling and extending the life of a piece of furniture.

Inject colours with accessories

Scatter cushions, vases, plates, cups, statues and other accessories are the ideal place to experiment with a variety of colours in a living room. Multi-coloured accessories work well against a plain backdrop, and if you get bored by the current scheme you can switch them around with minimal effort and costs.

Move your room around

Do you know the best way to arrange your furniture? Are you currently using the space in the room correctly? This can be a case of trial and error, but a bit of Feng Shui in the room can increase the sense of space in the living area and the overall atmosphere of a room.

Before you start moving stuff around willy-nilly, you should plan your layout. Consider the function of the room – what is the main purpose of the room and how do you use it? This helps you prioritise the furniture that requires moving, and what the focus of the room will be – a window, fireplace, or TV, and helps to give the room structure.

Prioritise your largest pieces as they become the focal point in a room and build the smaller pieces around them. This also helps you think about the layout of the room and whether you want a more formal or casual feeling in the room.

Consider the sofa

The sofa is probably the largest piece of furniture in your living room and it is so much more than just a comfortable place to gather. The sofa is an essential part of your room’s design, as it is the focal point of the room and its size means you will inevitably influence the style and feel of the living space.

If you are planning to design your room around your sofa, you need to first decide if you are buying a new sofa or recreating the look of the room around an old one – there are a number of things to consider.

You need to break out your tape measure to size up your room and help you to visualise how the space will look with the new sofa. Make note of the potential placement spots and see how the rest of the room will look when you put it all together.

Once you have decided on placement of the sofa, you will also want to consider the style, modular sofas are a current favourite, colour and materials of the sofa – have them complement the colour and style of the room that they will be placed in.