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Landlords share a common nightmare: an empty property, sitting vacant, losing potential income. But sleepless nights can be a thing of the past, the following tips will help you let your property painlessly.


Make sure existing tenants give you ample notice before they want to leave, as most properties will take around two weeks to let out. Communicate with the existing tenants about advertising the property so they are accommodating when it comes to holding viewings. Its important to have notice period and viewing access clearly specified in the lease.


Let prospective tenants know how lovely your property is to live in. First impressions count so when advertising have a high quality photo visible. A bedroom or living room looks much more homely than an exterior photo. For more information on taking good photos click here. Use the written description to sell how great a home your property is. Focus on: unique features, local attractions and other benefits. Dont go into detail about rooms and layout, instead include a floor plan. This is vital, having a floor plan can reduce time to rent by over 50%. If the property is tenanted ensure that it will be presentable when holding a viewing. 


To get the best rental price and good quality tenants advertising online is key. As a private landlord you can use AdvancetoGOs FREE service to advertise your property on Rightmove, the UKs largest property website. Rightmove generates over 21 million enquiries per year, and is the market leader in property advertising. Once your advert is online you can also share it with the existing tenants as they may have friends that would like to rent the property. You may also consider sharing the advert through your personal social media to reach a wider audience. 

If you have a property that will be vacant in the next couple of months you can set yourself an advertising reminder by AdvancetoGo with the date your property becomes available.

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