I’m always being asked how to make more money from property as this is something I’ve been specialising in, and I decided to give away some of my top tips to help investors do this.

I have attached here some of my 101 Essential Tips for investing with high cash-flow, and this section is for use particularly with tenants claiming benefits.

It’s not all bad, and if done in the right way then you can make much more money with less tenants.  We also have the opportunity to have some rent direct from the council and most tenants are happy to have the money paid direct to our bank account.

The main difference is that it is paid every 2 weeks for job seekers allowance and every 4 weeks for housing benefit, so we’re really flexible and help the tenants to be able to pay the minute they get paid – that way we are far more likely to get the money than have arrears building up.

Have a look at these tips and see what you think – if you like them then there’s over 90 more to be sent if you want them.

Let me know what you think – I’m sure you could add to this list, but you ignore them at your peril.

Just some of the 101 Essential Tips for Investing with High Cash-Flow

LHA Cash-flow Options by Yvonne Emery

41. LHA (Local Housing Allowance) room rates may be lower than you want to charge, but remember that this amount is received in housing benefit and many are prepared to top this up from their unemployment benefit or their wages if they are working.

42. Whilst a single let house might attract a rent of £625 pcm to professional tenants, a family who are eligible for 3 bed accommodation will have to top up their benefits to match this amount.

43. Tenants in receipt of LHA are generally likely to stay for longer in a property as their family will live close, they won’t be moved by a company to work elsewhere and they have less ambition to upgrade.

44. The age of children and their gender is critical in the amount of benefits paid. Once the children reach secondary school age (11yrs) they will need separate rooms if they are of different sex. This increases the amount of benefits the family is entitled to, and therefore the amount you are able to charge to a family with older children.

45. The 2 + 2 rule for LHA tenants is: if the tenant is 25 yrs and over (35 from April 2012) and you are able to allocate them 2 rooms for their sole use (shared kitchen and bathroom allowed) then they are eligible for the single person’s allowance which is nearer to £80 per week or £385 per calendar month. Two tenants using the 2 + 2 system can be put into a 3 bedroomed house using the dining room or lounge as a 2nd room. This means higher cash-flow.

46. If a tenant is claiming LHA for the first time it can take up to 8 weeks for the benefit to come through. You can go with the tenant to the council to help them claim, which can often speed up the process and get the first cheque paid directly to you.

47. LHA is paid 4 weekly, so it is useful for the tenant if they can pay you 4 weekly – this helps them budget and means you can keep track more easily of their payments. Collecting on their pay day removes the likelihood of it being spent before it gets paid to you.

48. People with disabilities and have wheelchair requirements are able to claim significant benefits for housing and Landlords can get help to provide suitable housing that has wet rooms for showering, hand rails and other specific required elements. Bungalows are always in demand for this sector. The rental term is a long guarantee of 3 to 5 years, so it’s worth making the changes.

49. People with learning difficulties or who have downs syndrome are usually housed in purpose built properties, and funding for these is being reduced at the moment. The main reason the councils don’t look to private Landlords to provide accommodation is that they don’t believe Landlords are prepared to accommodate tenants on benefits, though some councils are a bit more open-minded. Long-term rental is required so you would probably have to commit for a 3 to 5 year period.

50. Multi-let properties are in great demand for tenants claiming benefits as there are thousands of people on LHA benefits who are in need to housing. In rental communities families and singles don’t have expectations of being able to own their own home. Providing great, clean accommodation soon gets the word round that there is a preferred Landlord area, which speeds up the process of renting out rooms. The best place to advertise for tenants locally is in the newsagents and other local shops – make sure to attract attention with room rates and benefits.

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The other areas I’ve covered in this Top 101 Tips booklet are

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