Whether you want to turn your windows into an interesting home style statement or are just looking to block the light and prying eyes, it is important to choose the right dress. Here, we give you 10 design suggestions. Just make sure that you give your windows a proper wipe down prior to dressing them. That means no sticky finger prints, dust or cobwebs.

1.  Faux Wood Blinds For An Affordable Take On Real Wood

Faux wood blinds are very popular, offering as they do the beauty and style of real wood blinds for a lower price. Manufactured from composite PVC and waterproof, they are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. However, you can use them in other rooms as well. This may surprise you but if yours is a coastal or trendy living space, white can work wonders.

2.  Cafe shutter or curtain

A pretty cafe shutter will give you a little privacy while still allowing sufficient light to enter the room. If made from vinyl, it is easier to clean. Another dress idea is to use a dainty print curtain in voile fabric that harmonizes with the colour scheme in the room you wish to use it in. These half-shutters/curtains are ideal for kitchen windows, an upstairs bathroom or any room where the windows face the street.

3. Blackout-lined roller blinds for the bedroom

If you have concerns about light blocking your sleep, then this provides the right mix of a contemporary look minus the excess light. If you have any leftover fabric, you can even make a cushion out of it so that your window design merges with the room.

4.  Voiles for a balance of privacy and elegance

In rooms where complete sunlight protection or privacy is not required, voile fabric serves the purpose and looks elegant too. Go contemporary with grey or white or else look for colour and embroidery that fits in with your home’s existing colour design. For a feminine, sumptuous touch on a bathroom window, consider introducing a skirt on the curtain’s top. Alternatively, if you want a frosted effect, go for voile fabric with slight embroidery.

5.   Blind Experiments for Conservatory Windows

Depending on your preferences for taste and functionality, you can choose from a variety of blinds to dress your conservatory windows including roller, Roman, vertical and Venetian. Pleated blinds are a great space-saving design option. Honeycomb pleated blinds offer the additional benefit of retaining heat in winter and keeping you cool in summer. When selecting your colours, go with ones that won’t look bad when they begin to fade. Earth tones are safe in case you have future plans to transform your conservatory colour scheme.

6.   Blended Window Dressings

If there are multiple purposes you wish to achieve with your window dressings, why not blend two kinds? Ceiling-to-floor curtains that lend glamour can be teamed up with shutters for privacy and light control during the day, in your living room. Here’s another idea – make the window of your living room an eye-catching focal point with co-ordinating curtains and blinds.

7.  Add Texture with Solid Colour Roman Blinds

In neutral spaces, you can use these blinds to contribute subtle texture, depth and substance. If you have a patterned carpet, the blind would balance it out wonderfully. You can easily get made-to-measure Roman blinds online.

8. Floral Patterns for Visual Interest

Statement floral curtains imbibe a bedroom or living room with character. They also help tie-in different colours in the room while lending visual appeal from the combination of colour and pattern. Dare to go bold if it works for your room design.

9. Window Film for Durable, Easy-to-Clean Dressing

Window films are sturdy and long-lasting and thus make a great window complement for demanding rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. They also provide privacy, safety and sunlight control in any room and come with a wide variety of functional and decorative choices including transparent or solid colours, stained glass, tinted, tropical, reflective, with graphics, and frosted. Decorative window film can lend a modern, aesthetically appealing touch to your conservatory roof.

10. Perfect Fit Blinds for Skylights and Patio Doors

Perfect fit blinds are ideal for rented properties because without the need for screws or drilling and thus no fear of damage, they fit beautifully well inside the frame. You can easily clip them onto your window frame. The precise fit ensures superior insulation. They are also great for unusually shaped windows such as skylights, and patio doors and for the majority of UPVC windows.

Take your time to research and look at different window dressing options to achieve your preferred blend of application and aesthetic brilliance. The internet is flooded with photos of innovative window dressing styles to
co-ordinate to the home.