Top Ten Safest Places to Live: what to look for

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According to a recent report, the top ten safest places to live in England and Wales are scattered across the countries and include North Yorkshire and Northumberland. Having said that, violent crime can and does happen anywhere and even though your area may be on the list, don’t get complacent. Personal safety is paramount. There’s not a lot of point living in fear of crime however, but a healthy balance does need to be struck. Stay alert when out and take safety seriously when it comes to your property. Invest in a good alarm system, see if there is a neighbourhood watch scheme running and check your local policing rates.

If you’re thinking of moving, do your research on your chosen area before committing for peace of mind and to ensure you’re not in for any nasty surprises. One place you might want to consider is West Yorkshire, and in particular the city of Leeds. It is a large city situated in the north of England, with a very large legal sector, and is also renowned as a technology hub. You can find houses to let in leeds in a lot of areas, in the city as well as in the suburbs, which include beautiful locations such as the leafy, affluent Roundhay.

Sold house prices are available online for all over the UK, and as a general rule, if the price is on the higher end of the scale, the area will be safer. Don’t rely too much on this though and bear in mind that crime is not the only thing to take into consideration. Risks like fire and flood will bump up your insurance policies and although violent crime may be very low, things like burglary and car theft may be higher. Statistics are available for your perusal and you should check everything out before you make a commitment. If you decide to go with an estate agent, they will be able to advise you on areas that may be suitable or not depending on your needs and some buyer’s guides will be able to advise on crime rates for your chosen area. These are great if you’re making a completely fresh start and don’t know a lot about an area.

If you’re a property investor there’s a great article in the Estate Agent section about how to work with them to find a great property.


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