Be careful your dreams don’t go up in smoke!


property  : Be careful your dreams don’t go up in smoke! Image (house fire)

I was reading an article before Christmas about a couple who weren’t adequately insured.  Apparently not living in your home full-time can actually invalidate your insurance.  The article was about a couple who spent 12 months renovating a bungalow that was going to become their home.  

Unfortunately their neighbour’s property caught fire and their property went up in smoke too, just 2 short weeks before they were due to move in.

Although it was a very difficult time, they had their insurance to fall back on, or so they thought!

They put their claim into their insurance provider and thought everything would be plain sailing.  Much to their dismay the insurance claim was rejected, on the grounds that the house was not permanently lived in during the renovation.

The insurance company went onto say that they would never have insured them if they realised the circumstances.

Fortunately they took the case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), despite initially not taking the case; eventually they did after reviewing the case in more detail.  On this decision the insurance company decided to pay out.  It took 18 months but they were paid in full and also received compensation.

“It was like wining a lottery ticket,” said the owner.

These types of stories make me realise that it is so important to make sure you are fully insured on both your home and your investment properties.

It is so easy these days to find the right insurance cover that you need.  

Sites like Compare The Market – a price comparison website, help you to find the best deal for your home insurance. 

Have you had any issues with your insurance?



property  : Be careful your dreams don’t go up in smoke! Image (JulieSignature)

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