BoE sees property lending Increase in April

Bank of England Money & Credit StatsThe Bank of England’s Lending to Individuals, now encompassed within the Money and Credit report, shows an increase in overall lending and that secured on dwellings.

The Lending secured on dwellings was up by £0.9 billion in April compare to the average monthly increase of £0.6 billion over the past 6 months.

Gross lending secured on dwellings was £13.0 billion and repayments came to £12.5 billion.

Mortgage approvals for house purchases was 53,740 in April compare to the average of 53,729 over the past 6 months – so very slightly down.

The numer of loan approvals for remortgaging was increased to 30,313 compared to 28,323 which was the average over the previous 6 months.

The number of approvals for other purposes was 12,580 compared to the average of 13,900 over the previous six


Alec Hanson

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