Bank of England reports small increase in lending

Bank of England Money & Credit StatsThe Bank of England March 2013 Lending to Individuals, now subsumed within their Money and Credit statistical report, reports that lending secured on dwellings increased by £0.4 billion.

This compares to the average monthly increase of £0.6 billion over the previous 6 months.

Further key information:

  • The gross lending on dwellings was therefore £12.5 billion and on repayments was £12.7 billion, with both the 3 month annualised and 12 month growth rates being 0.5%.
  • The number of loan approvals for house purchase was 53,504 in March, compared to the average of 53,113 over the previous six months.
  • The number of approvals for remortgaging was 30,088 compared to the average of 28,028 over the previous six months.
  • The number of approvals for other purposes was 13,279 compared to the average of 14,390 over the previous six months
Alec Hanson

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