Upwards Housing Graph

Houses prices in some of the biggest cities are forcing a steady stream of people in their 30s and 40s to leave due to them being unable to afford family homes. This has caused a transformation of the countryside as they move out to suburbs and villages. Continue reading

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Unfortunately, letting agents don’t usually get much positive press, as just like landlords the media tend
to focus on the few rogues out there than those that provide high-quality services. However, the fact of the matter is that letting agents can be extremely useful as they can help run your business and find tenants for your properties quickly and easily. So here we look at how you can find a suitable letting agent and avoid the rogues:

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Nationwide HPI

The Nationwide June House price Index shows a strong growth remains in the market with large annual increase and positive monthly gains. Continue reading

Empty House

Home maintenance is one of those things which most people carry out as-and-when needed. It might happen gradually on a day-to-day basis, or you might suddenly find that you have a couple of weeks to dedicate to a single project. However you choose to maintain your home, it’s certainly much easier to do so when you’re occupying the property and can do so at your leisure. But when you’re not actually in situ at the property in question, maintenance becomes that much harder. Continue reading

Bank of England

Lending specifically secured on dwellings was also up by £2.0 billion in May to £16.9 billion, up substantially compared to the monthly average over the last 6 months increase of £1.5 billion. Continue reading

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It’s understandable that many landlords are keen to cut down on their insurance costs. Of course, if all goes well, it is something which you’ll never use! For some, landlord insurance is an essential and if you’re letting an HMO, you simply don’t have a choice over buying a policy. Yet for some, it’s a cost that can, but shouldn’t be avoided Continue reading


Many property investors purchase properties with the expressed intention of doing them up to sell on. A big part of the ‘fixer-upper’ process is determining whether or not it’s possible – and affordable – to increase the size of the home. This can be achieved in one of two ways; by adding an extension, or by converting existing space such as a loft. Continue reading


The cost of houses, along with the cost of living, in the UK is growing exponentially. This is causing concern for those needing to move home and for first time buyers, who now are feeling the squeeze and uncertainty of where they can afford to live. Continue reading

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Learn how to sell, influence, communicate and negotiate in every area of your life- business, raising money, family, property, kids, purchasing- EVERYTHING. Continue reading


As a new landlord, it can be tempting to leave properties void of furniture, fixtures and fittings to avoid letting properties furnished with substandard furniture. Since 1988 when the Furnishings and Fittings Regulations came into effect, even experienced landlords can now be reluctant to provide furnished properties. However, when you consider that a furnished property can let on average for over £50 a month more than an unfurnished one, it is easy to see why it might be worth putting in some time, effort and investment into furnishings to reap the rewards in the long term. Continue reading