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A well sourced infographic advising first time property buyers on the important factors of buying a property, what they would need to consider and educates on the different finance sources offered and looks deeply into each source, highlighting the advantages and gives detailed information about them. Continue reading

Comment: Important changes to smoke and CO2 detector regulations

Global Property Standards Director, Peter Bolton King, discusses important changes coming to smoke and CO2 detector regulations in the letting sector. Continue reading

Posh Flooring are inviting all of you to submit “Britain’s Ugliest Carpet”, whether it’s your own pride and joy, or if you wish to name and shame one of your friend’s/family member’s carpets which you think deserves a mention on our Britain’s Ugliest Carpet list. Go ahead and submit your entry along with a picture and short background on why you think this carpet is particularly dreadful. Continue reading

The latest online venture will mark its entry to the sector with a PR stunt through London tomorrow (29th September). The stunt will be in the form of a slow drive funeral procession through the streets of London, supposedly marking the death of the high street estate agency sector. Continue reading


Are you thinking about investing in property? It may seem easy, however there are a number of points to consider before you dive into a long-term commitment, to ensure security, success and a strong return on investment. Continue reading


The Green Deal scheme was one of the most hotly discussed topics of 2012, with many claiming it would greatly improve the UK’s energy efficiency. Launched in 2014, its goal was to encourage landlords, tenants and home owners to implement energy efficient measures and claim back up to £7,600 for these improvements. Continue reading

Rightmove HPI

Price of property coming to market this month hits new national record, up 0.9% to £294,834, as demand is fuelled by cheap borrowing yet supply is limited by some home-owners’ reluctance to move Continue reading


When people think of the iconic towns and cities of the UK Harrogate is not the first place that pops into the mind. The historic Yorkshire spa town has barely made a dent on the national consciousness let along at an international level. Continue reading

Halifax HPI

House prices in the three months to August were 3.0% higher than in the previous quarter. This measure of the underlying rate of house price increased from last month’s 2.5% but remained below June’s 3.3%. Continue reading


We hosted a fantastic webinar last night with Mike Frisby. It was a very busy webinar and we were thrilled that so many of you managed to get on. Continue reading