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Last week I attended an eviction in East London with the Channel 5 film crew in tow. This was not an ordinary case; the arrears were in excess of £20k as a result of rent not being paid for over 2 ½ years. Continue reading


The Ministry of Justice has proposed to charge 5% of the value of the claim to all court cases worth more than £10,000, which it estimates will bring in an extra £120m a year. Continue reading


Landlord Action says under-resourced county courts are exasperated by the number of possession claims being put forward, resulting in costly delays for landlords. The leading tenant eviction service says it has become such a problem in the last 3 months, that chasing up cases with the courts is now a full-time role for one member of their in-house legal team. Continue reading


This trend of more and more landlords opting to recover possession using the section 21 entitlement, where a hearing date is not required, is because most want and need their property back as quickly as possible. Landlords often need to get their defaulting tenants out ASAP as they too can suffer their own financial difficulties if they do not get a paying tenant in and start to receive income to pay off mortgages and other such property running costs. Continue reading

Property Redress Scheme

So at last the Government has agreed that every letting agent in England and Wales must join an authorised consumer redress scheme to ensure tenants and leaseholders have a straightforward option to hold their agents to account. The law comes into effect from 1st October 2014. Continue reading


Landlord Action’s latest figures show a 30% rise in claims for possession under Section 21 over the last six months, raising concerns that Government plans to tackle ‘retaliatory eviction’ will require greater resource if it is to find a fair solution for both landlords and tenants. Continue reading


Landlord Action has lambasted Government plans to increase court fees as “extortionate”. The planned changes will take effect from 22nd April 2014, where fees for possession claims will see one of the largest increases at 60%, and could spark a stampede of possession cases in the next two weeks from landlords trying to beat the rises.

Continue reading


From dealing with landlord and tenant cases from the age of 18, while working for a firm of solicitors, I’ve seen a lot with regard to bad tenants and rent collection. But I must say since I started Landlord Action in 1999, in the last 6 months our Rent Recovery Department has never busier in respect of ex-tenant tracing to a new address and rent recovery, like issuing small claims summons, attachment of earnings, third party orders, information hearings, charging orders and bankruptcy demands, which we offer for fixed fees and is carried out by a qualified solicitor. Continue reading

Deposit Protection

Paul Shamplina, Founder of Landlord Action, the leading legal services company helping landlords with problem tenants, comments on planned Government changes to the current deposit protection law. Continue reading

Paul Shamplina - Landlord Action

Landlord Action founder, Paul Shamplina, will be featuring on ITV Tonight Programme, ‘Nightmare Tenants’, on Thursday 26th August at 7.30pm. Mr Shamplina will be exposing rogue tenants and showing live cases, where desperate landlords are owed thousands of pounds in unpaid rent by rogue tenants. Continue reading