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8 Lucky Winners DrawnThank You all for taking Part!


– GRAND Prize –

1 hour phone consultation with Sarah Beeny, from Tepilo and Property Ladder:

“Sarah set up her own property development and investment companies at the age of 24 along with her brother and her husband.  With her business a success, Sarah was approached to be the presenter of Channel 4’s prime time show ‘Property Ladder’.  Sarah has now launched www.tepilo.com, already a market leading private property sales website which aims to bring a change to the way we buy, sell and let houses. ”

To be drawn in January 2012.
Value: £1,500!



– 2nd Prize –

1 Place on Simon Zutshi’s Property Investing Quick Start seminar, specifically designed to give you all of the tools, knowledge and contracts to start finding great investment deals as soon as possible. Click here for more details.

“Simon Zutshi is a financially independent, professional property investor, with 14 years experience of investing in residential property in the UK and overseas. In 2003 Simon founded the property investors network to provide a supportive environment for investors to learn more about investing with the aim of maximising their return and minimising the risks. “

To be drawn in December 2011
Value: £596.



– 3rd Prize –

30 minute coaching call with Mark Jackson of Lease Options Made Simple and a copy of his Working with Estate Agent Course.

“Mark Jackson is a prolific Property Options Investor and educator, author and problem solver. Having had outstanding success in the UK using Property Options he founded Property Option Expert in 2009 and founded Lease Options Made Simple with  Wendy Patton shortly afterwards from a strong desire to share his knowledge and experience.”

To be drawn in December 2011
Value: £300.



– 4th Prize –

1 hours mentoring with Yvonne Emery:

“Yvonne Emery is a phenomenal property investment coach who challenges you to succeed in property investment with a handheld approach and simple explanations. She has been investing since 1997 and has prospered through many different economic climates and systems of investing. ” Click for more details

To be drawn in November 2011
Value: £200.



– 5th Prize –

A 40 minute phone consultation with Colin Davison, covering all your tax planning needs.

“Colin is a property accountant specialising in tax and business support for property investors. Colin is also an avid investor with over a £4million portfolio in UK, residential and commercial, offshore companies, funds, trusts and syndicates holding property investments. So he knows what he’s talking about!”

To be drawn in October 2011
Value: £150



– 6th Prize –

Collection of property books: A signed copy of Simon Zutshi’s “Property Magic” A signed copy of Martin Robert’s “Making Money from Property” Rent to Buy by Wendy Patton; Rent to Sell by Wendy Patton. To be drawn in September 2011 Value: £60



– 7th Prize –

Online Design Service Kiran Singh. For a room of your choice Kiran will send you drawings, samples of suggested fabrics, wallpaper, paint and flooring. Click here for more details

“Kiran is an expert Interior Architect, Interior & Property Stylist based in London – specializing in Inspirational, Colourful – High-End Residential & Hospitality Interiors ”

To be drawn in August 2011 Value: £50



– 8th Prize –

A signed copy of Sarah Beeny’s book “Property Ladder: The Developers Bible”. To be drawn in July 2011 Value: £50

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The small print!

1. First prize draw will take place in July 2011.
2. More prizes may be added to the draw throughout 2011 – so check back and recommend more friends!

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